How It Works

Step 1

Customers text your business

Step 2

OpenCity instantly responds

Step 3

High touch questions routed to your staff for further assistance

Customers Text
Your Business

Customers text your business like they text a friend by simply using Google, Facebook or directly from a chat button on your website.

  • Omnichannel communication platform
  • Integrations with social media, website & more

OpenCity Assistant
Instantly Responds

24/7 coverage. The Assistant instantly responds to customer questions anytime.

  • FAQs, menu, hours, parking, gluten free, vegan
  • Bookings, reservations, private events
  • Natural language processing technology

Tough questions?
No problem.

Higher touch questions automatically routed to your staff for further assistance.

  • Smart routes inquiries to appropriate staff
  • Unlimited users for faster responses
  • Happy customers

Connects to Products
You Use and Love

Seamlessly integrates with your favorite tech products: reservations, private events, bookings, point of sale, crm, social media and more.

See How It Works.

It’s So Simple. Are You Ready?

Unlimited PRO service to $49/month with no commitment

Today’s Restaurants Rely on OpenCity

James Beard Winners, Fine Dining, International, Breweries, Fast Casual, Bars and Nightclubs have one thing in common...they all use OpenCity to take customer expereince to the next level.