Introducing Drive Thru Powered by Voice AI

Fast & Accurate Ordering

Hello, I'm Tori.
Here to take your order, accurately

Tori™ takes 100% of orders and integrates with your POS, KDS, headsets, and speaker posts

  • Faster Speed of Service

    Instant & accurate responses, with zero wait time

  • Consistent & Relevant Upselling

    Increase average check with personalized recommendations

  • Generate More Revenue

    Tori™ drives revenue, reduces labor related issues & enhances guest experience

How It Works

Step 1

Guests order from speaker post, like they normally do

Step 2

Tori™ quickly and accurately takes orders, and easily integrates with your POS, KDS

Step 3

Guests pull up to receive their food and enjoy their meal

Tori™ to the Rescue

The Drive Thru Wait Game

Everyone’s been there. You’re starving and want to grab a quick bite...then the wait begins...and the frustration continues.

Your Drive Thru Needs Tori™

Tired of your customers waiting, getting the wrong food, and ultimately having a negative brand experience?