Keep the conversation going with your customers

Message with your customers across Google, Facebook and other messaging platforms, all through one, easy-to-use solution.

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How it works

Customer messages you from anywhere
You receive and respond from one OpenCity app
Customer profile is created

It's easy

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    Easy to be discovered
  • Your customers simply send a message to your business through Google, Facebook, or directly from a chat window on your site. This message is automatically routed to designated staff members.
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    Customers can message your business by chat message on your website.
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    Google Search
    Customers can text you through Google search results.
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    Social media savvy consumers can text you through your Facebook page.
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    Texting Phone Number
    Customers can send you text messages directly to your device.
  • Easy to respond
  • Once sent, this message is routed to the OpenCity platform and a customer profile is created.
    Auto Responses
    24/7 coverage. Automatically respond to your customers’ most common requests any time day or night.
    Respond From Any Device
    Respond to customers with your preferred device while using the OpenCity app.
    Customer Feedback
    Head off negative social reviews at the pass by fielding your customers’ feedback privately.
  • Easy to manage
  • Build relationships that last with your customers based off their customer profile data.
    Customer Profile
    Our customer profile allows you to connect with your customers in a thoughtful way.
    Collaborative Team Inbox
    The team inbox lets you respond quickly while keeping the rest of your team in the know.
    Control your branding and always have access to how your team responds to customers.
    Chat History
    Whether your customer messaged you a year ago, a month ago or a day ago, your staff is up-to-date on the conversation.
  • Real conversations
  • See examples of how real customers message OpenCity businesses.
    Private Events
    Close more high revenue leads with faster response times and inter-team transparency.
    Celebrate your customers’ life events by offering special discounts on their special days.
    Patrons can request reservations and get dietary information.
    Customers can ask general questions about special events or special projects.
    General Inquiry
    Customers can ask general questions about special events or special projects.

Helpful features suited to your business needs

Allow your staff to coordinate activities amongst themselves to more efficiently meet your guests needs.
Operational efficiency
Save operational time and money by reducing the required overhead to answer and respond to customer inquiries
24/7 Coverage
OpenCity automatically answers your customers’ frequently asked questions anytime, day or night, with AI assist
Read receipts
Know your message has been received and read to hold staff accountable
Direct messaging
1x1 communication between team members
Group messaging
Group communications by work team (kitchen, server, managers, etc.)
Employee privacy
Employees message each other without ever having to provide personal phone numbers

Created by a team that built other great products

OpenCity was created with your needs in mind, by a team that grew up in the hospitality business.

Why is OpenCity right for you?

We strive to provide great service and have a team of executives with deep industry knowledge to help. See how OpenCity benefits restaurants and clubs, just like you.
“Private events drive a lot of our revenue. We've booked more private events because OpenCity allows us to respond faster.”
- Ed Russo, Owner
“My phone used to ring non stop. OpenCity lets me get through my day uninterrupted so I can close more deals.”
- Mike Winter, VIP Director
“I book more VIP tables because I can respond to the customer faster without wasting time with small talk that phone calls require.”
- Walter Cartwright, GM

See how OpenCity can help you